Will Lav turn on and/or speak out about abuse from MrGirl after the article comes out within 1 month?
resolved May 4

For the following month after the article releases

"Yes" conditions

Lav goes on stream and trash talks MrGirl for being a "terrible person", a "manipulator", "abuser", etc.
Lav distances herself from MrGirl in any significant ways i.e. "I am not his daughter anymore", "We are not speaking anymore", etc.

"No" conditions

Lav keeps a positive/neutral relationship with MrGirl regardless of the outcome of the article.

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predicted YES

Just a bit off with my prediction. Sadge.

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@SyrupWaffles soo close.

predicted YES

Resolving no

predicted NO

It's Joever.

predicted YES

To all who are following this market, we are now in the final phase. Nobody has presented evidence for the YES claim, so I'm giving it 1 week for people to provide any evidence, or the market will resolve NO.

Any evidence presented must be prior to April 25th. If evidence is provided that is very close with dates/times I'll check on when exactly the article was released and just see if it's within 30 days of that.

I'll check back and close this as NO in a week unless I see anything. Rip to all my YESbros

predicted YES

Looks like it's not happening boyos. I'll give it like a week after tomorrow for anyone to dig for evidence that we may have missed and then I'll resolve it No if nothing comes up.

predicted NO

@SyrupWaffles hard to break that daddy-daughter bond 🤢🤮

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@higherLEVELING I should have believed in the ultimate lav ddlg fetish

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I do believe it is in fact not happening boyos.

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BigTech publicly said to lav that he believes max is using her for his master plan the seeds are planted

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It's happening boyos

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@SyrupWaffles lil bro is coping
He doesn't believe in the power of love between a father and a daughter.

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Y'all realize he'll probably off himself if this happens, right?

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predicted NO

@johnleoks So the people hoping for a YES resolve are bad people clearly. 😐

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@PunishedFurry If a friendship divorce with lav would turn him to suicidal ideation he needs SERIOUS help. That said, I don't believe it. I think he'll get tired of her eventually and turn on her too if she sticks it out somehow. I also think he's a somewhat strong person despite this whole baby ass moral crusade.

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@Simon, my man, you gotta by some more yes so that i can sell for profit

That would be top tier

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dude this is bound to happen lmao she chances opinion every time

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@rosuto "these hoes ain't loyal"

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Aint no way lav will be loyal to anybody

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Why are people suddenly buying YES's? lol. Is it because of Destiny's recent tweet that everyone has a clean slate now? You guys really think Lav would come crawling back after all the shit she caused? That would be so shameless and humiliating 🤣

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@PunishedFurry Even if she comes back I think Max will have to do something to freak her out, I can see it in 3 to 6 months so went No and at a good time it seems

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@PunishedFurry Nah I'm just trusting that lav will be as inconsistent as always, I also don't think she will come back as an orbiter, Not for a while at least.

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@PunishedFurry she tweeted that she was "disappointed" with Max's Whick and Sunday appearances.

Maybe that explains the uptick? Cracks are forming?

I don't buy it. But maybe.

predicted YES

@PunishedFurry because the article did not get the reception Lav thought it would. It basically exonerates Destiny and makes Lav look like a dumb bitch. It'll take a while to set in but she's 100% done with max