Will the last digit of the S&P 500 closing price be even on 5+ of 10 days from Sep 18-Sep 29?
resolved Sep 29

The last digit is the last whole number. We are only referring to the closing price

This is for a timespan of 10 days. If there is a holiday or other day without a unique closing price in the interval, we will extend the deadline to get another day until there are 10 days included.

Examples how to determine the "last digit":

  • 123.4 => 3

  • 567.9 => 7

Will the number be even at least 5 times?

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Whooo we hit 4288, congrats.

4299 we are at four with one shot left

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4,274 we are at four with two shots left.

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So far week two: no hits. We're still at three total even results with three shots left.

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4453, 4443, 4402, 4330, 4320 => 3 even the first week.

Zero counts as even here, right?

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So we have 1 even out of 3 days so far.

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@Thomas42 yes seems so