Trump starts posting on Twitter before 2026, but explains it as a security mishap, password guess or similar
resolved Aug 28

True if Trump starts posting to Twitter, AND that return is later claimed to have been due to a security mishap such as stolen device, password guess, misbehaving staff, malicious interference with network or staff, or similar.

If Trump starts posting on twitter, then claims those posts were hacked/illegitimate/etc (as above), it's true. But if he only claims some later posts were illegitimate, but his initial returning posts were legitimate, the market resolves false.

Update 8/3/2023: This applies to twitter or whatever it becomes, any entity which is the home for all past tweets and is a continuation of where they were posted before, should be considered to be true twitter regardless of name changes / format changes etc.

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This will resolve NO soon given that he's posted and hasn't denied the post, and the post seems to clearly be from him.

Trump will tweet "rationalussy" legitimately, at the exact same time as all other public figures

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(If Trump doesn't post to twitter by end of market, resolves False)