Within 1 month of the Manifold Pivot announcement, will market creators be given a new self-perpetuating income source?
resolved May 22

"self-perpetuating" = Mana / Spice / etc. count, but only if they can be directly used to create markets and provide a strong enough source to allow further market creation with enough success. As USD must be converted to mana to make markets, it does not count.

The transaction fee system, even if increased, does not resolve this YES.

Must be available to all creators, not just partners.

Close date will be updated after the official announcement of what the Pivot is. Can resolve before the announcement.




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"A New Deal for Manifold" was announced on April 22. I assume May 22 is when this market can resolve?

and I'm assuming at this point, nothing we've seen constitutes a "self-perpetuating income source"?

@Ziddletwix I edited the close date when the announcement was made. might have been a smaller discord one before the banner, so this closes today.

and yeah, there has certainly been no changes in the income department.

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@Stralor sounds good to me !

@Stralor looks like resolves NO? no new updates

Trader bonuses, unless increased, don't count @Stralor? Current plan is to remove them "at some point in the future", but likely this will be after the deadline for this question.

@chrisjbillington correct, as the intention is to ditch them as a part of the pivot. I imagine if that plan is cancelled by close, I'll have to N/A this as it's not really a relevant question anymore

@Stralor the new timing certainly is unfortunate as far as my original intentions with this market were concerned (but as a creator I'm happy to see them stick around longer)

@Stralor i have already met a believable theory: part of the fees goes towards market creator, part - towards central bank.

@KongoLandwalker yeah, I'll clarify: I'm talking about something other than fees. It's pretty clear fees aren't gonna be enough for creators to break even if nothing changes

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@Stralor it will be, if you create something like superconductor or Trump vs Biden market.

Just need to be good not in attracting trader count, but attracting conflictual opinions and high mana

@KongoLandwalker my math says the new break even point might be around 200 traders + a long enough close date, if we only have fees. My 1.2k trader market ( /Stralor/who-will-be-the-republican-nominee-8a36dedc6445 ) made 28 mana from fees in 36 hours, and it's got several other advantages beyond the trader count.

@Stralor I expect fees to grow gradually.

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