Will there be a fight at Manifest?
resolved Sep 27

For the purposes of this question, a fight must involve physical contact such as punching, or at minimum, shoving. It needs to happen at the venue while the event is ongoing, and must involve at least one attendee.

This resolves YES if it happens at the event and there are corroborating witness. NO otherwise after close.

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Does wrestling count?

@june nope, as I said at the wrestling it doesn't count. that's play

Can anyone who saw the intruder get dealt with confirm that security, who was in attendance, shoved them (or worse)?

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@Stralor wtf how did I accidentally hide this. unhide seems to not be working.

anyway, Matt makes a good point! I'll give that evidence a day to surface, otherwise this resolves NO as expected

predicted YES

@Stralor I see you in the notifs - appreciate ya 😉

@saulmunn might know how this played out? Or someone else from Manifold staff?

IIRC security was outside the front gate. Should that still count as at the venue? Also what counts as attendee? Did security actually attend the event if they were outside the gate for the majority of the time? I don't imagine they had to buy a ticket to work either.

@georgeyw hmm good point about attendee. I agree that if it only involves security and no attendees it's not sufficient according to my initial criteria. however "at the gate" definitely qualifies in my view

I'd be up for a consensual boxing/MMA match with pretty much anybody +- 25 lbs of me attending the event

a lil peeved about the double standard that this one wasn't told to be marked as spicyfest while everyone's sex and love category ones were, so I've now done so manually @SG

Betting NO to encourage

I imagine consensual physical contact doesn’t count, right? Is there any way to reliably verify whether consent was given?

@oh right. good point, and good question. if somebody play acts being angry and yelling at each other and get to the point of landing real blows, does it matter? though I guess you could satisfy this market like teenage boys might, as a joke, and that would be unfortunate. ideas?

@Stralor As a former theatre kid, I’d gotta protest: stage combat is not unfortunate.

@oh stage combat is not, but pretending to be mad at your friend to sow chaos and shame among your peers is. I think we could easily say stage combat wouldn't count and we could recognize it, but the second is much harder to see

@Stralor You don't have to be mad at someone to fight them.

Does a lightsaber fight count?

@Joshua hmm no

These markets honestly feel like in-group truth or dare.