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M$20 M$50 to each super cool/ funny/ challenging question that I haven't seen before and would like to bet on. Subsidize your own question creation!


  • can be open, closed, or resolved, any market type

  • must be a question you made

  • I'll only reward once per submitter

  • I'll only reward answers with a single question in them

  • Stuff I've seen before won't get a bounty, but it's probably still worth sharing for others!

I highly recommend also exploring what other people post and sharing the love with bets on stuff you like (unless ofc the question is closed, but then find something else by that author!).

See also the version about others' questions:


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Probably one of my questions with greater potential impact but very little attention unfortunately


I don't know what my best question is, but here's one that I'm currently running and think is fun. Also, I need more people to vote in it!


The whole story around the enhanced games is pretty weird and interesting.

A large part of their marketing is that a sprinter faster than Usain Bolt will compete and their replies are always filled with a bunch of very strong opinions so I thought it would make a good question.

Also cool because the their official twitter ended up sharing the market.

I'm pretty proud of this one:

I've refreshed the bounty, and I'm now upping the reward to 50 mana if your question qualifies!

All previous submitters are also welcome to submit again!

Thought it was funny because of how much activity it got despite the long-in-the-future resolution.