Will Apple launch a Magic Mouse with USB-C?
May 1

Resolves yes if Apple releases an updated Magic Mouse with USB-C

Resolves no if they release a new Magic Mouse without USB-C, or release a new mouse that is not a “Magic Mouse”

Close date is the end of April, 2024

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By a certain date? Or ever?

predicts NO

@probajoelistic Close date is end of April, you can see it in the three dot menu at the top. I’ll add it to description.

@StoneGray Just for clarification: close date is not necessarily the same as evaluation date.

I assume that having those two dates be the same is what your intent is here. But there are plenty of markets that close and get frozen for a while.

I.e. if the market closes end of April, but you don't resolve, you could still resolve the market as YES if in November they release a mouse.

(But going by your answer here you probably intend to resolve by April.)