Will a link between an adversarial foreign country and migrants coming to the US border be uncovered?

I have no proof a connection exists, but believe it wouldn’t cost a lot for a foreign nation to help facilitate movement of personnel to the US border and help divide the US politically.

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I would vote on this question if the resolution criteria were clear. Could you list the qualifying news and/or data source(s), and describe what kind of statement they would need to make to resolve this question YES?


migrants are a huge strength for America, and it went from a backwater to the world's leading nation during the open borders era where your ancestors came in, and that was in no small measure because of the open borders.

White supremacy is not only immoral, it is also bad policy because it leads to warning resources and polarizing society between those who support America and want it to be nobler and stronger due to increased immigration, and the other side.

This conspiracy theory is literally the most ridiculous one I've ever seen.

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What if it turns out the US government is mostly responsible? A case can easily be made that the US intervention, economic embargos, support for destabilizing revolutionary and counter revolutionary operations... have contributed to the destabilization of Latin America over the last 100 years. If a foreign actor wanted to trigger mass migration from Latin America to the US, they would only need to help shape conditions in countries already destabilized by US policies to cause an exodus.


1 - Slowing food shipments like grain to a country under embargo by the US. (Russia)

2 - Funding hydroelectric projects that displace the residents of whole valleys, turned into reservoirs. Dry up rivers and streams that historically supplied farmers in certain regions. (China)

While these actions would do the job, they would be almost impossible to prove. You might be able to prove that certain conditions contributed to migration events but I'm not sure you'd really be able to tie them to the intentional and coordinated actions of foreign adversaries. And nobody would if it turned out that the major contributing factor was US policy.

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I'm assuming the question does not include nonstate actors like drug cartels.

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