Will Vivek Ramaswamy rap during the August 23, 2023 Republican Presidential debate?
resolved Aug 24

A GOP Presidential debate will be held on August 23.

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy was a rapper in college and is known for rapping to "Lose Yourself" during campaign events.

This market resolves to YES if Ramaswamy sings or raps at least seven consecutive words of any song at any time while the debate is LIVE on air, and if the audience recognizes that his intent was to sing or rap the words. Applause, laughter, boos, or gasps would all count as recognition.

Otherwise, such as in the case where Ramaswamy does not rap, where he simply talks about rapping, if he raps during a commercial break, or if he doesn't attend, it resolves to NO.

The market resolves to N/A if the debate is cancelled.

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Case for YES: this will be big chance to stand out w/o a looming Trump, Vivek is a media whore and will take any interview because he understands his biggest hurdle is getting attention, and finally I'm confident he can drop some mad bars on the unsuspecting audience

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Note: I bet on this market, but not on the other linked markets, because this market has such clear resolution criteria that it can't be manipulated by me.

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Never have I wanted to be so wrong about a market before

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