Will the September 27, 2023 Republican Presidential debate be interrupted?
resolved Sep 28

Sporting events and awards are often interrupted by protestors and streakers. Will the same happen at the September 27, 2023 GOP Presidential debate?

This market resolves to YES if a person causes an interruption that:

  • The person was not authorized by the debate organizers to do,

  • Is not an extension of something that the person was authorized to do,

  • Is intentional,

  • Is obvious to the average viewer and,

  • Occurs while the debate is LIVE, on air.

The market resolves to N/A if the debate is cancelled, and to NO otherwise.

Examples of YES resolutions:

  • A protestor begins shouting from the back of the hall, causing the moderators to briefly pause

  • UAW picketers hold signs that block the cameras, causing the production crew to move or switch angles

  • A streaker grabs a microphone and is tackled onstage

  • A hacker changes the graphics in the background

Examples of insufficient actions:

  • A protestor shouts one word, but is removed by security and none of the candidates notice

  • A questioner rambles on for 30 seconds about an unrelated topic

  • A power outage occurs because of a lightning strike

  • Return from a commercial break is delayed because of protests

  • Shocking breaking news causes everyone in the hall to stop

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RESOLUTION: There were no interruptions to this debate, so this question resolves NO. Source: I watched the full debate.

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RESOLVED: There were no interruptions to this debate. Source: I watched the full debate.

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Was not interrupted

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