Rabbit R1 scam - what will Coffeezilla uncover?
Dec 31
Founders lied to investors
LAM isn’t real
Founders lied to customers
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Stephen M. Walker IIboughtṀ250Illegally Operating ... NO

Did anyone find evidence that he lied to investors connected to the Coffeezilla investigation? I can’t find a connection. It could be implied if it was always a lie, but there’s a chance investors were aware that LAM was marketing.

LAM isn’t real

Holy shit, that was literally the one innovative thing the product had going for it, if that's confirmed fake then it's practically a scam lol

@TheAllMemeingEye Didn't think he'd be able to figure it out without seeing the code.

He says "It's just ChatGPT with some hardcoded scripts"... I would have given a >95% chance to that on its own, but I thought he wouldn't be able to prove that.

Stephen M. Walker IIboughtṀ250LAM isn’t real YES

@StephenMWalkerII Part 2 of investigation

@StephenMWalkerII Part 1 of investigation

LAM isn’t real
bought Ṁ5 LAM isn’t real NO

Surely the product wouldn't function at all if this was the case?

@TheAllMemeingEye Can be functional and not need a “LAM”

@StephenMWalkerII is there any alternative mechanism that could achieve the results shown in the demo? The LAM kinda seems like the sole selling point of the device

@TheAllMemeingEye Yes. Here’s an example project that requires no LAM and achieves the same functionality https://www.openinterpreter.com/