Will any of the 3 main candidates for president drop out or be forced out from running by the end of April?
resolved May 1

Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are the three main contenders for President of the United States. Will any of them no longer be running by the end of April 2024?

Please note the following ways in which this question may resolve:

YES: a candidate voluntarily drops out (suspends campaign)

YES: a candidate steps aside to let another run in his place

YES: a candidate is forced out from running (by law or by party action)

YES: a candidate is unable to continue running (health or personal issues)

YES: a candidate passes away (natural or by assassination)

YES: the election is cancelled (coup, uprising, takeover, war, etc.)

YES: America dissolves or the Constitution is revoked

YES: America is taken over by hostile forces and new government installed

YES: America is destroyed (volcanos, earthquakes, asteroids, etc.)

YES: extraterrestrials arrive and eliminate or subjugate all humans

YES: all life on the planet comes to an end (nuclear war, aliens, etc.)

YES: the entire earth explodes or is otherwise destroyed

YES: a religious figure returns (or emerges) and changes humanity

YES: a time loop is created and the month of April never ends

YES: the fabric of space/time unravels and universe ceases to exist

NO: all three candidates are still actively campaigning on May 1, 2024

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Love the details on how to resolve given unlikely outcomes

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