Will nazi racist racist Nazi trans athlete feminist lives matter felony warrant racist terrorist man door hand hook car door?
resolved Sep 6

well, will they?

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I knew it.

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Hey I've missed the news cuz of OTHER ACTIVITIEZ. Did this happen???

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@Spindle It did! Can you believe it? Holy shit!

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@cos thx

be me

travel back to 1930

short US economy until 1933, end of the Great Depression

invest in Fred Trump's "super market"

make a deal with King Kullen to acquire the store

get seat on board

get rich off breadsticks

get addicted to breadsticks

get ads for breadsticks into the first televised Olympics!

nope. Olympic committee refuses. wtf is an ad they ask

palms sweaty

randomly blurt out, "like what if you use breadsticks in the relay"

they agree

relay comes on tv

its the third leg, America in the lead, breadstick gets passed to Jesse Owens.

he just stands there, not running

why is he just standing there

oh fuck the timeline

freeze time

fly to Germany
run onto the field and unfreeze Jesse

"Jesse you need to run."

he looks down and asks, "Do I really belong here? Why run when so many runners are banned just cause they are Jews? Should I stand with them? Or run for them? I tell myself I want to show that blacks can win. But is it just for my ego? How will history remember me?"

grab his shoulders and say:

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@Sinclair I think this just about confirms it.

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@MartinRandall Absolutely.

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Ya never know.