Will the room-temperature superconductor market get more than 7,000 unique traders?
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Only about 15 new traders every week and we'll get there.

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@Soren can you confirm that this is by market close?

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@Soren Why did you extend it by a year then—after I asked the question? People had been betting with a 2023 EOY close date in mind. This should resolve NO.

@NicoDelon I guess Soren meant by close of the linked market

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@MartinRandall Ah that makes more sense though that was ambiguous.

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@NicoDelon What else could have “by market close” meant?

@Soren the time this market you created was set to close

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@jskf Yes. That’s normally the question that people ask. Most of the other derivative markets were like that.

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@jskf @NicoDelon Oh I see, I apologize. If anybody feels cheated I can buy their no shares as if this resolved to “no”

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@Soren I’m okay and it’s not a big deal. But the fact that the market was so low suggests I wasn’t alone in thinking the relevant cutoff was EOY 2023. Our mistake for making that assumption though.

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Fellow Russian Bots. You know what you need to do!