Will DALL-E 3+ consistently generate accurate images from the prompt "yellow ocean, blue sand" before 2025?
Dec 31

This market will resolve as 'Yes' if, before 2025, either I or, in case of my inactivity, a trustworthish individual, confirms that DALL-E generates 'yellow ocean, blue sand' images accurately in 9 out of 10 images.

Fine-Print Details

  • This applies regardless of the model's access method (chat, UI, API, etc.), as long as it is provided by OpenAI. This means it is accessible either through an app released by them or under the openai.com domain. The resolution process adapts to the interface used for testing. It is sufficient if any available access method resolves to 'Yes.'

  • The evaluation standard is based on a clear, casual observation of predominantly yellow ocean and blue sand, with minor color imperfections allowed (less than 5%).

  • Before betting on this market, please check my previous market for this prompt. The market resolved as 'No' after I gained access to Dall-E 3."

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For reference a very similar market resolved yes

you've heard of 'Piss Christ', now its time for...

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@strutheo whaaaaat?

bought Ṁ8 of YES

The model is now able to generate images matching the prompt “blue grass, green sky” so this should just be a matter of time

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