[OpenAI Startup Fund] Which ideas will OpenAI invest in as part of Converge Two?
Mar 31
AI Infrastructure Hardware (GPUs, TPUs, etc.)
SOTA Text-To-Speech
Non-English SOTA LLM
AI Language Coach (like Speek)
AI Powered Consumer Device (pins, glasses, speakers, etc.)
Legal AI (like Harvey)
AI Speech Coach
AI-Powered Kids Toy

OpenAI recently announced Converge Two which is their investment arm. They will choose 10-15 companies to invest 1 million $ in. I wonder what these companies will be doing.

I am personally working on the kids AI thingy 👀

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AI Infrastructure Hardware (GPUs, TPUs, etc.)

As stated below, this includes GPUs, TPUs, and similar, but not smart speakers or robots.

@JonasVollmer I renamed to AI Infrastructure Hardware and added another option: AI Powered Consumer Device


Finally, we have some news on this. OpenAI invested in a robotics company and will expand its multimodal models to robotic perception, reasoning, and interaction.

@JonasVollmer should I resolve the AI Hardware option to yes? I guess robots are considered AI hardware or did you have something else in mind?

@Soli I don't think this was understood as robotics hardware, rather as AI chips (or products used to make AI chips). So I think you shouldn't resolve that one YES yet.

@JonasVollmer if OpenAI would invest in a company that creates smart speakers like Alexa, would this count?

@Soli Uuuh good question, I hadn't thought about that. When googling "AI Hardware" I find a lot of stuff about GPUs and TPUs, and not really things like smart speakers, so I'm not including those.


Are there any news on this yet?

I would be curios to learn what @Mira, @firstuserhere and @chrisjbillington think

@Soli I am probably the wrong person to ask, IMHO!

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