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resolved Dec 1
Will the Lav–MrGirl alliance still stand united on December 1st

The question will be decided using my best judgment according to serious comments made by Lav and MrGirl after the market closes. If there’s conflict in the meantime, but they mend it before Dec 1st, it’ll resolve to “YES, the alliance is still standing strong”.

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Closing this outcome as Yes. The alliance is still standing. Mrgirl is very protective of Lav. Very recently refering to her as his Daughter

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Mrgirl is doing a good job maintaining the alliance by calling anyone who questions her brainwashed. And any complaining in his subreddit can be blamed on dgg.

However I think even among his community and orbiters people are starting to get pissed at her. Most recently by the leaked dms of her talking to that Big Tech guy that apparently got him banned?

He can't fully support her without looking really bad and he obviously can't denounce her because she can easily flip and say he manipulated her.

Mrgirl being trapped in the middle could cause her to flip if his community continues in this direction. She would be able to farm a lot of attention touring twitch talking about how mrgirl manipulated her etc.

Not very likely but I could see it happen.

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is predicting NO at 84%

@UFTG I misread the date rip

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