On March 1st, the Science community will have the most followers among the Manifold Markets communities.
resolved Mar 1
This Market resolves to YES if on the day of closing, the Science community on Manifold Markets has *more* followers than any other community available from the list of communities here: https://manifold.markets/folds Feb 13, 8:19pm: Currently at the time of market creation, Science is the most followed community. Mar 1, 12:02am: Politics is currently 100 - 86, beating out Science. Resolving.
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bought Ṁ9 of NO
Update: Politics has surpassed Science currently.
bought Ṁ1 of NO
Politics is just 1 follower behind now. Of course it's entirely possible there is some planned coordinated action in either direction, or even someone with a lot of alt accounts. We'll see.
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UPDATE: Science currently leads 80 to 65.
bought Ṁ30 of NO
That was supposed to say undervalued.
bought Ṁ5 of NO
ACX is catching up, NO is a bit overvalued.
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Gap is now larger in favor: 58 to 45 followers currently.
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The gap is now larger in favor. 40-47.
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With such low numbers this can still be easily manipulated
bought Ṁ40 of NO
Both ACX and Existentialism are catching up to Science (36 vs 36 vs 40 currently)