Will Sneako refer to Destiny as being "a bot" in a live conversation before June 1st, 2023?
resolved Jun 1

Must be livestreamed by Destiny on Rumble, YouTube or Kick. The market will resolve 'yes' if Sneako uses the term "bot" in reference to Destiny or verbally agrees with someone else using the term in reference to Destiny.

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Middlewbought Ṁ1,000 of YES

https://www.youtube.com/live/Jk6OETmZusI?feature=share&t=5849 There is no way you don't count this?????

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Sneaky Elbowpredicted NO at 88%

@Resolution First line of the description: "Must be livestreamed by Destiny on Rumble, YouTube or Kick."

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Middlewsold Ṁ596 of YES

@SneakyElbow didnt read "by destiny" 💀

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Middlewsold Ṁ537 of YES

@SneakyElbow But wait, just reading this it seems like it would work if destiny watch the clip I linked right?

"The market will resolve 'yes' if Sneako uses the term "bot" in reference to Destiny or verbally agrees with someone else using the term in reference to Destiny"

sounds like it would work if Destiny reacted to it if its live on stream as the "must be livestreamed" is seperate to Destiny streaming it?

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Middlewpredicted YES at 88%

I word salad hard, what I meant was that Destiny reacting to Sneako calling him a bot (not an old clip) would count as long as its live on Destinys stream?

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Sneaky Elbowpredicted NO at 69%

@Resolution hmmm interesting question... My initial thought would be no but I'd like to hear the thoughts of everyone else betting on this market.

I didn't intend for the description to be interpreted that way when I wrote it and I think most people wouldn't come away with that interpretation. However, because of the casual wording used, I guess technically it could.

I'd like to be fair to everyone participating in the market and the understanding they had when placing their bets. So I'm happy to hear any input, thoughts, criticisms etc from market participants. My position is not immovable 🙂

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Aghbought Ṁ50 of NO

If you interpret the rules this way then the market would even resolve to YES even if destiny reacted to an old "bot" clip from before the market creation. That would be ridiculous.

IMO it's clear that the market is talking about a live conversation taking place live on destiny's stream.

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Canlumpredicted YES at 71%

@Agh I agree.

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Inressapredicted NO at 64%

@Agh Agreed with you, Agh! Should be a new and updated reference to him as a bot or it's too easy and less interesting.

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