Will I get 1000 followers on twitter by 7/1/2023
resolved Jul 22

I currently have 229 followers on https://twitter.com/SinclarityChen. Can I get to 1000 on it?
I'm gonna try to poast a few times a day and see what works. A particular finance rat with 13k followers believes in me!

I still think marketing, organic or otherwise, isn't what Manifold needs atm but writing 5 tweets a day isn't thaat much work and is high potential upside.

Get แน€500 play money

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Sinclair Chen

hmm I did not end up poasting as much as I wanted at first

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Floris van Doornpredicted NO

@ShadowyZephyr On the profile page their twitter account links to https://twitter.com/singularitttt

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Sinclair Chen

ya renamed it