Will OpenAI have another public board issue before 2025?

Resolves YES if there is another reported conflict or scandal regarding the OpenAI board and/or company governance structure, like the ouster of CEO Sam Altman in late 2023.

Most recent update as of July 10: Microsoft is withdrawing from its board observer role and Apple will not be taking a board observer seat, as was previously reported.

Microsoft, Apple Drop OpenAI Board Plans as Scrutiny Grows https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2024-07-10/microsoft-quits-openai-board-after-antitrust-scrutiny-grows

"Microsoft, which invested $13 billion in the ChatGPT creator, will withdraw from its observer role on the board, the company said in a letter to OpenAI on Tuesday, which was seen by Bloomberg News. Apple was due to take up a similar role, but an OpenAI spokesperson said the startup won’t have board observers after Microsoft’s departure."

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