Will the UK's FTSE 100 close higher on 3rd October than it closed on 2nd October?
resolved Oct 3

Will the FTSE 100 close higher on Tuesday 3rd October than it did on Monday 2nd October?

The market closes at 16:30 UK time when trading stops on the FTSE.

The official source of truth is the official FTSE 100 page but this is delayed by around 15 minutes so many traders use Google to track up to the minute prices, either by Googling "FTSE 100" or at this page. Note this is not guaranteed to be perfectly up to date - the numbers occasionally stall entirely and quite often shift very slightly after the market has closed. These movements aren't usually significant but can make the difference between an up day and a down day if the margin is close enough!

Some longer term FTSE 100 markets:




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