Will the Guardian publish an article about LK-99 or room-temperature superconductors in the next week?
resolved Aug 8

Given the enormous amount of hype about LK-99 in so many online spaces including Manifold, I have been very surprised to see the lack of coverage in most mainstream media.

As far as I can tell, at time of writing there has been no coverage at all of LK-99 in the Guardian, the Economist or the BBC.

Will the Guardian publish an article about LK-99 or the purported discovery of a room-temperature superconductor in the next week?

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Resolution criterea:

  • I will count any article which has been published on guardian.co.uk by 22:00 BST on Tuesday 8th August

  • The primary subject of the article must be the potential discovery of a room-temperature superconductor, the specific research and discussion around LK-99 or the reaction to it. An article debunking or dismissing the research or an article about how the whole thing has been a hoax would count, but an article which is primarily about something else but which has a passing mention of LK-99 or superconductors in general would not.

  • Hopefully there won't be any ambiguity (either they publish an article which is primarily about this subject or they don't), but just in case there is some level of subjectivity, I will not trade on this market.

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SimonGrayson avatar
Simon Grayson

There's still nothing about LK-99 on the Guardian, so this resolves to NO.

Well done to everyone who got NO bets in above 80%!

SimonGrayson avatar
Simon Grayson

Still nothing on the Guardian’s site as far as I can see, so this market will resolve to NO unless they publish something in the next 15 minutes or someone is about to demonstrate that we’ve all missed something!

They didn’t publish anything within the week, but will they write about LK-99 by the end of the month?

SimonGrayson avatar
Simon Grayson

24 hours to go, and still nothing on the Guardian site as far as I can tell.

Now that the market is down to 18%, there's a big profit opportunity here if someone spots any coverage of LK-99 in the Guardian first!

SimonGrayson avatar
Simon Grayson

Five days down, two days to go.

As far as I can see, still no mention of LK-99 or superconductors on the BBC or the Guardian.


SimonGrayson avatar
Simon Grayson

The Economist have published a story about LK-99:


We're still waiting on the Guardian and the BBC to follow suit...

NiallWeaver avatar
Niall Weaver

The Observer does not count?

SimonGrayson avatar
Simon Grayson

@NiallWeaver Yes it counts - so long as it appears on the Guardian.co.uk website as well.

Almost all Observer content appears on the Guardian site (usually sooner than you can get hold of a copy of the Observer on a Sunday), and it's the timing of when it's published on the site which counts for this market.