Will Reddit's share price go below its IPO level ($34) or above triple its IPO level ($102) first?
Below $3478%

Reddit's IPO took place last week, with the IPO completing at $34 per share.

Many of us thought that Reddit was overvalued at that price, but its share price has doubled since then and it has been trading above $68 per share (double its initial IPO value) today. This was a surprise to traders here - /SimonGrayson/will-reddits-share-price-go-below-i-1b5aff888bfd

What will happen next? Will the shares continue to march upwards and reach triple the IPO value ($102) or will they fall below the initial IPO price of $34?

The source for this market will be Google's price page here:


If that shows a low below $34.00 or a high above $102.00 on any day, the market will resolve on that basis.

(Note that when the NYSE is closed, Google sometimes shows out-of-hours trading. These are unofficial numbers which aren't added to the history graph once the stock exchange opens and aren't included in the daily or all-time highs or lows. They will not count towards this market.)

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