Will Reddit or Truth Social have a higher share price at the end of 2024?
Dec 30
Reddit (Reddit Inc - RDDT)89%

Two social media companies have floated on the stock market in in the past few days.

Reddit's long awaited IPO has taken place and shares have gone up in value. Truth Social has floated via a merger with DWAC and this has also been seen as an initial success. You can see their performance here:



Both shares are potentially overpriced for very different reasons. Reddit has enormous traffic, but there's some scepticism about whether they know how to turn this into revenue. Truth Social does't have much of an income stream, but are investors hoping that Trump will funnel some money their way if he wins the presidential election?

By coincidence, both shares have been trading in a similar price range - RDDT shares were trading between $63 and $75 yesterday while DJT shares were trading between $57 and $80.

Which of these two shares will have the higher dollar price at the end of the final trading day of 2024?

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A reminder to traders that this question relates to share price rather than market cap.

By coincidence, the two shares started trading in a similar range, so this market is about which of the shares is more overpriced rather than which of the companies is worth more/less!

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