Will Liz Truss lose the Conservative whip before the next election?
resolved May 31

A year and a half after leaving office, the UK's shortest serving Prime Minister has been making incredibly controversial comments as well as associating with extreme right-wingers. She has also been spreading conspiracy theories about the " woke deep state" and blaming them for what went wrong during her 49 days as Prime Minister.

A few days ago, Labour called on Rishi Sunak to remove the whip from both Liz Truss and Lee Anderson - Sunak followed up by removing the whip from Anderson:


Today, Starmer taunted Sunak about Anderson and Truss during Prime Minister's Questions that the Conservative Party has become "the political wing of the flat earth society" suggesting that they plan to continue attacking the Tories on this point.

Will Sunak start considering her to be too much of a liability?

Will Liz Truss lose or resign the whip before Parliament dissolves for the next general election?

Resolution notes:

  • If Sunak or one of his successors (or the Chief Whip or some other relevant figure acting on behalf of the party) suspends the Conservative whip so that Liz Truss is sitting as an independent MP, this resolves to YES

  • If Liz Truss resigns the whip so that she is sitting as an independent MP, this resolves to YES

  • If Liz Truss defects to another party so that she is sitting as an MP for some other party, this will resolve to YES

  • If Liz Truss leaves Parliament (through resignation, recall or any other reason) without any of the above being satisfied, this will resolve to NO

  • If Parliament dissolves and Liz Truss has only been a Conservative MP, this will resolve to NO

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Parliament dissolved without Liz Truss losing the whip, so this resolves to NO

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