Champions League 2023/4 - Who will qualify from Group E (Atletico Madrid, Lazio, Feyernoord, Celtic)
resolved Dec 13
Atletico Madrid

The Champions League group stages start on the week of 19th/20th September and run until the week of 12th/13th December.

There are four teams in each group. They each play each other twice, and at the end of the six matchdays, the top two teams qualify for the knockout stages.

Which two teams will qualify? The market will resolve as 50% to each of the two teams.

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Resolves to Atletico Madrid and Lazio.

These markets resolve to 50% for each of the two qualifying teams. In future, it will probably make sense for markets like this to be unlinked markets where each team can resolve to 100% - but those kind of unlinked markets didn't exist when I created this year's group stage markets back in September!

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Within the UEFA Champions League Group E for the 2023/24 season, Atletico Madrid leads with a solid execution, securing 8 focuses from 4 matches without any misfortunes. They have an noteworthy objective contrast of +7, highlighting their hostile quality. Lazio is in a near moment with 7 focuses, having won 2 matches, drawn 1, and misplaced 1. Feyenoord, with 6 focuses, is additionally in dispute for the moment spot, making a competitive situation. Celtic, be that as it may, battles at the foot with fair 1 point. Atletico Madrid is considered the clear favorite for topping the bunch, with Lazio and Feyenoord competing for the pivotal moment qualifying position. Celtic's position suggests they confront critical challenges to progress encourage within the tournament​​​

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With Atletico Madrid leading Group L with 8 points, Feyenoord with 7 points, Celtic with 1 point, and Lazio with 7, the standings of these four teams are still evenly distributed. Unless Feyenoord loses two straight games and Celtic wins twice (once at home against Feyenoord and once away against Lazio), Celtic's chances are extremely small. It's still difficult for the top three teams in the standings.

 With two final appearances in the Champions League (, 2023) and a constant run from the group stage since 2013 until the 2021/22 season, Atlético Madrid is undoubtedly at an advantage. They also have the superior goal differential, a more seasoned team, and more Champions League format experience. With a strong defense that allows just 1.25 goals per game (equal to Feyenoord) and scores three goals per game on average, they are probably the club with the best chance of moving on to the next round.

 Conversely, Feyenoord is arguably the team that surprised everyone with their tough defensive approach and high pressing style, which makes it difficult for opponents to move the ball around. With an average possession percentage of 55%, they are aggressive in their counterattacks from behind the ball. They score seven goals on average (1.75 per game).

Last but not least, Lazio, who may be the second-seeded side in the group, is having trouble being reliable this season. Due to the shift in playing style brought about by Sergej Milinković-Savić's departure, there are now issues with both defense and scoring. The squad is searching for its identity under Coach Sari, reaffirming its intention to stay in the Champions League. They are worse than the other two teams in the Champions League, with 5 goals scored and 5 goals given up.

The following game could determine the qualification scenario because Lazio is favorites to win at home against Celtic, who are presently in bottom place. Feyenoord vs. Atlético is the big game, and the Dutch stadium should be a true fortress. To defeat the Spanish squad and get three points, they must perform really well. In the event that the game is lost, Lazio and Atletico Madrid will be the sides that advance straight. In the event of a win or a tie, things go differently. The last game, which takes place at Celtic Park, a difficult venue, will determine the outcome. Feyenoord will have to contend with everything. Celtic will undoubtedly not back down in front of their supporters in their final home game. Should the Dutch team lose, both Lazio and Atlético would progress with a draw. Both Lazio and Atletico Madrid will move on to the next round.