Will Destiny Stream For More Than 8 hours on Feb 28th?
resolved Mar 1

Resolves YES if Destiny is live on his YouTube channel for longer than 8 hours on Feb 28th. The stream has to start on this day. If he streams multiple times during that same day the hours can be additioned, stream hours that goes past midnight will also count as long as it is one continuous stream.

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Oh no I meant to put my money into the 27th

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Where can i find the schedule or calendar that i've heard destiny mention he has where he keeps tracks of the upcoming debates/events. I can't find any link to it through his site

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@Simon1551 thank you

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@Simon1551 if nothing is scheduled for the 27th why are people buying NO on the 27th

@EntireTwix Shrug maybe he said something on stream

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@EntireTwix The donovan sharpe debate on fresh n fit was scheduled for that day, but it's been moved to March 10. so I'm not sure if he has a different thing to do instead. i thought he had a no jumper thing but that isnt listed.