Is Future (Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) from the future?

This market will resolve to YES, if there's proof that Future (rapper) comes from the future. Or if he admits that he is a time traveller.

Will resolve to NO if there's reliable proof that Future isn't from the future.

Or if there's no proof before the market closes.

I will use the new trader bonus to subsidize this market.

Inspired by: /kolotom99/will-will-smith-smith


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@enemel Bro come on

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@Simon1551 You can buy 500 more

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@Simon1551 if he says “i’m from the future” as a joke or to describe how much better he is than his contemporaries, would that be enough for YES?

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@enemel Yes even as a joke counts as long as he doesn't specify that he's joking but he has to have said it after the creation of this market, if there's a song, interview, or just a random clip of him saying it before I created this market it won't count.

And if someone posts something that could be used to resolve this market I'll let the other side argue against it before deciding the resolution. I think that's fair enough.

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Maybe I’ll put some more in later, but i can only gain mana if other people vote NO or something bad happens to Future. I don’t think I will be alive in 2100. Future probably won’t either. Now that I’m thinking about it that’s my best hope. Damn now I don’t wanna bet on this anymore…

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@enemel I can give your mana back if you want? Do you have Discord or Twitter?

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@enemel or whatever you lose if you sell your position

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That's very kind of you but I'm fine. I still think it's a funny market and maybe something unexpected will happen.

How will you resolve the market if Future is a time traveler but he's not from the future? (e.g. 1910 -> 2010 or 2020 -> 2016)

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@enemel He has to be from the future in relation to the time that the market is closing so.

If we find out that he's a time traveler but like you said from 1910 -> 2010 it wouldn't resolve as YES

If he's from 1910 but he also traveled to "our future" it resolves as YES

If he's from 2020 -> 2016 resolves as NO he would still be a time traveler but I think there's more fairness this way.

"Mask on, fuck it, mask off"

I mean, duh

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