If I start taking Adderall, will I consider it to be helping me?
Jun 1

I have ADHD, and I often struggle with a bunch of ADHD-related stuff. I've been using Ritalin/Concerta in the past, but success has always been mixed. As a kid, it gave me lots of side effects. As an adult, I mostly found it to not be achieving the desired effect. These days I just use caffeine as my preferred stimulant but I often run into problems with either being over or under-caffeinated. I also really like coffee so if Adderall interacts as badly with it as Ritalin does that will be bad. I've heard Adderall tends to make people more productive and generally also feels better to take than Ritalin (which is one of the reasons I don't take Ritalin, it makes me feel like a Zombie) so I'm excited to try it, but I tend to be cautious with drugs generally.

I'm pretty sure I can get a prescription, as I do have an ADHD diagnosis.

"Helping me" will be considered holistically. It just generally means that I think it's a good thing for me to be using regularly, so side effects and downsides will count against it. If it helps but only marginally that would also be a NO.

Will resolve after I use Adderall for a month. Will resolve N/A if I decide against attempting to get Adderall, or I can't get it and give up for some reason. I will not trade on this market

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I suspect that if you don't like Ritalin, Adderall would likewise not be super helpful. Betting on NO.

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I have ADHD as well and I would describe adderall as helpful, although not to the extent that I would have hoped before being prescribed it. I bought NO, but only a little, because I personally don't feel good if I drink caffeine after taking it. I haven't ever taken Ritalin, so I don't have a basis of comparison between the interactions.

Extended. I haven't gotten to it but I still plan to do it

@Shump any updates?

I recommend considering Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine). Generics very recently became available.

Conceptually, it’s sorta “cleaner”/smoother dexedrine, which is sorta “cleaner”/smoother Adderall.

More technically, lisdexamfetamine is just dextroamphetamine with an attached lysine molecule, which gets cleaved off and results in a generally longer and more consistent release of dextroamphetamine into your bloodstream. Dexedrine is just dextroamphetamine (available in extended and instant release formulations). And Adderall is a blended mix of levoamphetamine & dextroamphetamine.

Consider adrafinil or theacrine as alternatives if adderal doesn’t pan out.

@JohnSmithb9be From a quick googling, Adrafinil seems underresearched, and theacrine is just very similar to caffeine. Any good arguments for why to use them? I don't think I would like to experiment with random nootropics.

@Shump So the major advantage is that both are OTC.

But, if you’re unwilling to YOLO your ADHD medication, I’d say try theacrine because it’s basically off brand caffeine that doesn’t have the tolerance problems of caffeine.

Adrafinil is something of a gamble(in terms of efficacy) relative to theacrine. I think it’s cheap and plausibly effective but if you prefer against trying it I won’t fault you.

@JohnSmithb9be I don't think I've experienced caffeine tolerance, despite averaging like 1.5 coffee cups a day.

@Shump Theacrine is like thirty bucks for 30 pills(when I tried it) I don’t know how you feel about ADHD but i suspect that the value if the bet pays off is worth paying $30.

For me, it acts like a super caffeine, with energy equivalent to drinking a regular coffee with 3 shots of espresso. Not quite as jittery, but still highly noticeable.

Clearly you should make a market about which ADHD treatments you should try so I can bet up my preferred backseat driving suggestion!