resolved Feb 12

This will resolve "yes" if Taylor is still going to all Travis's games through the end of the season for KC.

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@Shakedown Season is over, this can resolve YES

@DanielTilkin what if she broke up with him via text when she saw that last pass wasn't headed Kelce's way?

predicted YES

They were still holding hands after the Chiefs lost on Toney's offside penalty, erasing Kelce's great lateral. If that isn't true love I don't know what it is.

predicted YES

@LukeW Travis Kelce would be one of the greats, but now he is ruined. Nobody will have any knowing of who he is! She is maybe embarrassed!!!

Taking into account the current support of Taylor Swift during Travis Kelce's football games, it's highly likely that this support will not decrease towards the end of the season. They have consistently shown support to each other during games and shows and nothing is currently pointing to the fact that this is diminishing. Specifically when only viewing the criteria of still being together at the end of the NFL season, this is highly likely to be yes. They were even seen together last weekend in Buenos Aires at one of her shows, where Travis Kelce could be seen singing along to her songs with Taylor Swift's dad.

Her concert dates are getting to be month apart now, she is getting tired or focusing on the relations!

Resolution criteria is a little ambiguous and not a good measure of whether they're still together. Taylor isn't going to "all the games" right now, and she'll be on tour overseas for parts of the NFL season so definitely not going to be at a few of the games.

predicted NO

@AjayChabra Point taken. She doesn’t have to go to all of the games. It’ll be clear if they’re still together.

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