Will Hasan talk about on the Destiny vs Ben debate?
resolved Jan 14

Will hasan react to the debate in 2023?

Yes - If Hasanabi will talk about the debate on his stream after it happened.

No - He ignores it and doesn't talk about it or doesn't want to talk about.

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⚠Unreceptive to pings ; AFK Creator

📢Resolved to N/A ; Debate never happened.

@SethoxBrainStorm Can you please resolve

Does he have to talk about the debate or react to it?

Because mentioning the debate could qualify as talking about it

@Drum Well it has to be a genuine conversation about the debate (engaging in the debate).

How do you resolve if the debate doesn't happen for what ever reason?

@heero Well basically if Hasan avoids the topic of the discussion (he being soy about it's existence).

Meaning, any/all rejection of wanting to talk about the debate is a sign of resolving NO.

A better question would have been, "will Hasan react to the debate". Stupid me..