resolved Mar 3

Will i continue my workout schedule from last week? I plan to go at least three times.

To increase motivation I pledge to keep this market on the 90% mark. I will do so manually -a as opposed to placing a limit-order - as a reminder to my commitment.


Very Bad day. Couldn't concentrate on anything. Angry, desperate and anxious. Spent indoors. Didn't work out.


Changed my medication plan and added 5-HTP as a supplement. Mediocre day. Got work done, but forgot to work out.


Good day again. Got quite a bit done. Still forgot to work out. I'll keep this on 99% from now on.


Okay, i am amost out of mana, will spend the whole day working in the garden, being tired wenn I come home and haven't worked out a single time this week. Today is the last chance to get this working. Wish me luck and buy NO!

Update: I've spent seven hours cutting down thorny shrubs and small trees. My arms look like I strangled a racoon and I am exhausted AF. But I got my butt up and did a full workout afterwards. I am a Hero....

Until tomorrow, when I will spend the day making lumber with my dad :-/

Friday: Bad day. Had to do some bureaucracy-stuff that was emotionally challenging. Haven't been to the woods because of the weather. Feeling unfocused, anhedonic and pessimistic. Didn't work out.

This means I the only chance I have is to got tomorrow and the day after.


Very good day. Spent six hours making lumber with my dad. Got home, tired AF. Went out to my sidehustle for an hour and am now heading to the gym. I am a f***ing legend. Tomorrows workout will be painful because I'll be sore, but that will be the problem.of Tomorrow-Schwabilismus.

Sunday: It is done! The deed has ben done...

Just came home from gym, my body aches everywhere but i feel great. The sun is shining and i didn't let myself slip up. Thank you all who traded in this market. I wouldn't have had the Motivation if it weren't for you!

See you next Werk :-)

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Congrats !

Btw, have you got any kind of proof ? like I think some gyms keep a log of entries for example. (Not that I don't trust you, and that question would have been better if asked earlier. I'm more asking for the sake of reasonably encouraging entanglement of market resolution with proof as long as the entanglement process doesn't cost too much, and it's more of a normative thing.)

@Mich There's the descriptions of the workouts/days in the market description, which is enough for me.

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Take my mana!

I'd have given up if it weren't for all the Mana I'd loose. Thanks to all for trading!

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I have faith

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I am out of Mana, but I'll keep going with what I can earn from the loans (300M per day) to keep this at 99%

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Good luck !

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I notice I've created a bot-trap. Lol.

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