Will I be able to reward someone M1000+ for finding music really similar to the album ユメの喫茶店 in 2024?

This market in three sentences.

No shenanigans. I just want good music.

I have a running bounty that will reward M1000 (linked below).

I will bet but all my realized profits here go to the bounty.

*There is the possibility that I lie and don't pay M1000 in all situations, but you will just have to trust me on it

The bounty payout is

M0: You are just trying to scam me

M25: I don't think it is really that similar

M50-100: Close but not good enough / I have heard of it before

M1000: I love it and I will add it to my playlist

More description is in the bounty if you want to help out.

Fine Print

tl;dr: A bunch of things to restrict any possibility that I make positive mana using this market. No shenanigans.

  1. If I ever cancel the bounty, the bounty mana added from my profits here will be split between awardees first before cancelling, and then the remaining bounty mana goes to either a similar bounty or charity.

  2. If someone cares enough (just tell me you want me to do this), I can commit to awarding some songs M1000 beforehand and publishing the MD5, with the list published after the market closes. A disadvantage of this is that I can't award people for those tracks after 2024, as it is already public.

  3. This market is about the combined mana given to a Manifold user, but I do not expect anyone to get M1000 without getting the highest tier award, with the possiblity that I may increase the payout in the future accounted.

  4. The bounty payout will not decrease.

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Are we meant to comment our suggestions here? If not I'd be happy to delete this comment and DM you (if this website allows DMs???)

I've not heard that album before, and it's not quite in my style, but I love sharing music so I'm going to do my best to put my usual music-discovery methods, and filter out the stuff that appeals to me and seems similar to the album you posted.

The main things that stood out to me in ユメの喫茶店 is the prominent use of improvised piano runs, lack of vocals, lack of digital sounds, and bluesy/jazzy style. But I'm not sure which of those are important to you.

MY ESTIMATED BEST SUGGESTION — Sea-no — A Scenery — Sad and slow like the later tracks in ユメの喫茶店, from an obscure Japanese artist. https://sea-no.bandcamp.com/album/a-scenery

7Mai — Colorful Palette Orange — from a different obscure Japanese Artist, this one does more upbeat, chip-tune style music. It's very obviously made in a DAW, which may not be your thing. https://7mai.bandcamp.com/album/colorful-palette-orange

Replacer — No Words — I've followed this artist for many years. He's a blues musician from New Zealand. Came out of the brony fandom, you might like his stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGaCH-JRbEc&ab_channel=replacer

Nobonoko — Music for animal Cafes — Would have featured higher but it seems to me like there's a good chance you've seen this one already. It's another chiptune and if you don't like that I'm sorry (sad face) https://youtu.be/CftEMc4MO2E?si=RtNFqfEKz4iQgdqJ&t=374

Jazz sabbath — Fairies Wear Boots — American jazz group from the 1960's. I mostly listen to niche fandom music, but the wider world has some cool gems too. This group uses a lot of cool piano runs like in ユメの喫茶店. — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhZN-HO07ZM&ab_channel=JazzSabbath-Topic

Gogo Penguin — Live from Granada Studios — English Jazz group with an excellent pianist. One of my favorite groups, but somewhat different from ユメの喫茶店. — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UokxELNWkJ4&t=555s&ab_channel=LowFour.


ALSO just to state the very-very obvious ones just-in-case:
Toby Fox, Snail House, C418, Lena Raine, Yiruma, Super Mario World OST

P.S. While I was searching for music for you I came across this gem — https://terrilynecarrington.bandcamp.com/track/purple-mountains-feat-kokayi — I don't think you'll like it but I really liked it a lot and I don't find keepers that often so it makes the process worth it for me.

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@JonathanSheehy Thank you! I will make sure to listen to them later.

  1. Sending it anywhere is fine. This website have DM, funnily enough you cannot delete this comment. (The reason why not a lot of info is here is because this is a meta-market of this bounty for increasing exposure, more info there)

  2. "prominent use of improvised piano runs, lack of vocals, lack of digital sounds, and bluesy/jazzy style. But I'm not sure which of those are important to you."

    All of them are important for being similar. This market is not a general music discovery request. (The general recommendation request is this other bounty, I have a list of all my music there). The point is I love this album a lot and I want more of it.

  3. Dont be sorry! I asked for it.

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Response to your recs. I have limited music theory knowledge so I have no accurate music terminologies.

  1. I said in the bounty that I am looking for songs like the first 6 tracks of the album exactly because I don't like sad and slow lol

  2. In general I like japanese-styled EDM more than other stuff. More like I don't like anything else but basically. Ephemeral Orange has potential, need to listen to it more. Aplicot is alright, others are meh.

  3. I am not against this sort of wacky piano, it is pretty cool. This one is meh. It minds me of https://youtube.com/watch?v=Jpky_xsqzts and https://youtube.com/watch?v=lmo4zMLvemM (I don't like these that much either but they are better executed than the one you linked, imo)

  4. ... in progress ... I don't hate chiptune though.

  5. The probelm with classical jazz is that jazz feels... hard and tough. To be fair the above average use of piano did make that track softer, but I am looking for something that I can describe with cute/soft/uplifting. I always wish people mix jazz with other elements so it isnt so hard.

  6. yeah too different

  7. yeah too different

Music Artists

  1. Toby Fox: I have listened to the whole undertale OST before, but even the best ones are just decent.

  2. Snail's House: I have exactly one of his tracks (Lullaby) in my playlist. Most of his tracks doesn't match my taste. I have listened to all his ordinary songs albums and more.

  3. C418: idk I have heard maybe 10 tracks? A lot of variabce in his works and I don't have high expectations.

  4. Lena Raine: never heard of her

  5. Yiruma: never heard of them

  6. Super Mario World OST: will give a complete listen in the near future, I have heard of some of the more famous tracks but none stuck

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@JonathanSheehy Currently withholding decision for how much mana to pay you, pending more listens on some of the more promising tracks.


It seems I misunderstood the prompt. I'm sure more similar stuff is out there, I'm just not familiar enough with the genre to know where to look.

Don't pay me any mana, I don't think I came through for you on this one (and It's not about the mana anyway lol, I just empathize a lot with the struggle to find good music.)

Good luck!

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