Will Shinsung Delta Tech stock close below closing price of 2023-08-01 in 2023?
resolved Dec 28

Shinsung Delta Tech (KOSDAQ 065350) is a public company traded in KOSDAQ market run by KRX(Korea Exchange). Founded in 1987 and IPO in 2004, it is part of LG Chaebol, the founder being first cousin once removed of LG chairman. It has three business units with roughly similar revenue, home appliance components which they supply to LG Electronics, battery components which they supply to LG Chem, and logistics service which they supply to all LG group of companies.

Since July, its stock price experienced 4x jump and then stabilized. Everyone agrees the only possible reason is LK-99®. Shinsung Delta Tech owns about 5% of Quantum Energy Research Centre by proxy. Quantum Energy Research Centre claims they have developed LK-99®, room temperature ambient pressure superconductor, and patented it. Published patents and patent applications of Quantum Energy Research Centre can be found on Google Patents (direct search link), for example.

Will Shinsung Delta Tech stock close below closing price of 2023-08-01 (19,730 KRW) in 2023? As of creation of this market, closing price of 2023-09-01 was 48,350 KRW. Intraday price movement will be ignored. Stock split will be adjusted. KOSDAQ opens in weekdays, from 09:00 to 15:30 KST(Korea Standard Time) or UTC+9 without daylight saving time. To be concrete, closing price reported by Yahoo! Finance quote of 065350.KQ will be used.

Shinsung Delta Tech's ownership of Quantum Energy Research Centre can be verified from FSS(Financial Supervisory Service, Korean SEC) filings and has been widely reported by South Korean financial media. This article from Sisa Journal published by Seoul Media Group is a representative example.

For those who want to do their own verification, 2022 Annual Report of Shinsung Delta Tech discloses 52.52% ownership of L&S Venture Capital, and 2022 Audit Report of L&S Venture Capital discloses 9.37% ownership of Quantum Energy Research Centre. Links are to FSS filings. Relevant sections are III.3.13, Finance > Consolidated Financial Statement Commentary > Subsidiaries, of 2022 Annual Report and 6, Investment Assets, of 2022 Audit Report. Also of material interest is 13, Convertible Bonds, of 2022 Audit Report, disclosing Shinsung Delta Tech's convertible bonds holding of L&S Venture Capital.

PS. This market can be considered to represent LK-99 hype level, in South Korea in particular, as opposed to LK-99 itself. On the other hand, there are two advantages: first, it is unambiguous. Second, it can resolve in favor of LK-99 NO earlier than the closing date.

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Today was the last trading day and Shinsung Delta Tech closed above 30,000 KRW (let alone 19,730 KRW) throughout since 2023-09-01. Thanks for participation!

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The market is about whether this drops below 19700

Looking longer term, it's interesting to see that in mid 2021 it was naturally at about 20k before a decline leading up to the volume and price spike around when LK-99 got started.

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This market is about whether it'll give back 100% of the gains. But the timespan is so long, natural growth and inflation may make it unlikely to ever go that low again. I think in addition to this one we could use a market on whether it'll lose say 75% of the spike, etc

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@StrayClimb Actually that's why I chose 2023-08-01: it's after the spike. 2023-07-20 closing price was 13,190 KRW. Going below 2023-08-01 means losing 81% of the spike relative to 2023-09-01, not 100%.

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Three weeks passed, fourteen more to go. Shinsung Delta Tech closed 47,000.

Of note, on 2023-09-20 Shinsung Delta Tech filed (mandated by regulation) Notice of Sale of Treasury Stock, selling 200,000 shares (out of 500,000 shares of treasury stock and 0.7% of outstanding).

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Two weeks passed, fifteen more to go. Shinsung Delta Tech closed 47,350, falling slightly below the beginning price of 48,350.

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One week passed, sixteen more to go. Shinsung Delta Tech closed 53,000, higher than the beginning price of 48,350. Nautron respoc lorni virch.

description says the closing price for sept 1st, but title says aug 1st. which is it?

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@Stralor 2023-08-01 as in the title. 2023-09-01 closing price in the description was provided for your information, it is unrelated to market resolution. I thought what I wrote is clear.

@SanghyeonSeo ah, it was a lot of text and I missed the part where you also listed the closing price on August 1st