Will Bitcoin be priced higher than $69,420 on April, 20th, 2024 at 4:20pm EST
Apr 22

Will the price of bitcoin be higher than $69,420 at 4:20 EST on April 20th, 2024?
Will be using the CoinDesk price pages to determine success

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@roma What's the proposed mechanism? Other than increased volatility generally?

I could imagine "shit's going down, better have actual money I can use to buy stuff instead of speculating on random coin game" as a mechanism. But wonder what others think.

BTC advocates sometimes say you want bitcoin if things are falling apart. Which always struck me as nonsense - but I'm not the one setting BTC prices so it doesn't matter what I think. But I wouldn't be surprised if many don't really believe it in their hearts and get brought back to reality when there are actual risks in the world.

@chrisjbillington Silly analysis for the silly market!

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@AmmonLam 5k at 37%?

@houstonEuler 5k at 39%?

@AmmonLam 38 work?

@houstonEuler bitcoin price just went up, got readjust

@AmmonLam I'm already deep in the hole here, can't be handing out favors.

@houstonEuler 5k at 39% is my current offer

@AmmonLam I'll pass, thanks though.

@houstonEuler do hit me up the next time you are looking for large limit orders

I think that Bitcoin definitely go above $69000. I have firm belief in Ethereum ecosystem. It is the most stable blockchain ecosystem.

What do you think?

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@houstonEuler interested in a large limit order?

bought Ṁ200 YES

@AmmonLam Not particularly, I just got roped into @Joshua's shenanigans, and am trying to avoid starting season 12 in a big hole.

bought Ṁ125 YES

@houstonEuler hahahahha

opened a Ṁ200 NO at 55% order

@Joshua this will be an unforgettable battle either way

Is bitcoin too big to be manipulated for it to be exactly that


LOL what have i done , this trend has escalated too far 😂

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