Will the PVV be part of the next governing coalition of the Netherlands?
Dec 31

A party is only part of the new governing coalition ministers or secretaries of state from that political party are appointed as part of the new government OR the party explicitly promises to support the policies of the new government, such as in a minority government.

If a caretaker government is appointed in 2023 or 2024 the question will stay open until a new government is formed.

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Do people really think NSC will go along?

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@SiebeRozendal Probably. The alternatives are a left-wing government or new elections. Best option for VVD and NSC seems: go with Wilders but extract big concessions and make somebody else PM.

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Guys, you have to realise minority support also counts here. Unless you get a government of VVD + PVDA/GL + NSC, you will need Wilders to provide gedoogsteun at the very least, as he did in 2010-2012.

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@MParedis With these results if you want to go around the VVD, you'll need the PVV (or take sooo many small parties)