Will my personal financial situation be better at the end of Milei's first term?

I am a citizen and resident of Argentina. At the end of Javier Milei's first term as president, will my subjective impression of my own financial situation be better than it was when his term first started? Resolves YES if it's unambiguously better, NO if it's unambiguously worse, and to whatever probability I think is apt if it's ambiguous.

This market is not solely about effects that can plausibly be attributed to the government; e.g. if I'm better off because I got a higher-paying job abroad but Argentina's economy is in shambles, it still resolves YES.

Resolves early if Milei stops being president before completing a full term. I will not bet on this market.

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Privatization = layoffs, more inflation, devaluation,

I bet no because i expect it to get a lot worse for many people as he tightens belts and rights the ship.

Certain people, primarily entrepreneurs and those who dont live off state funds may do very well.

Whats your background so we can make a more informed bet?

@Quin I work in tech. not an entrepreneur nor living off state funds