If Elon & Zuck fight, will it be at the Colosseum?
resolved Jan 1

Background: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg can fight at Colosseum, Italian government says

If a fight between the two does not occur in 2023, this will resolve N/A. If their first fight occurs elsewhere, this resolves NO (even if they do later go on to fight at the Colosseum).

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I feel like zuck's on the verge of saying no if elon pushes for something tasteless/profane like that.

Regardless of whether threads is strategically important to meta's ambitions (I think it isn't), zuck hangs out there, I imagine he's high on its emissions. Threads is basically sustained by its users' distaste for elon spectacle, so he will want to manage the extent to which it is that.

@DimensionSeven Why so much YES?

he mentioned in rogans podcast he would maybe fight in colosseum


Culture ministry officials said that the Colosseum is only made available for “high-profile events which almost always have a charitable scope”.

The ministry evaluates every request carefully to make sure that the event is compatible with the protection of the archaeological site. A fight between two tech barons hardly qualified.

“If Zuckerberg and Musk want to stage an event in the Colosseum, it should be a challenge that ends with a hug,” officials said.

They suggested that instead of a bloody physical fight, the rivals should instead consider engaging in a “certamen” – an ancient contest in which contestants have to answer questions about classical history and mythology.

@NoyaV "It will not be held in Rome" is evidence for No, right?

predicted NO

@Frogswap I assumed so. They could still technically change their minds, but as it stands, Sangiuliano is not in on the Rome train

@Frogswap Made 180 profit off this comment so sent you half. Now that managrams are a thing, I don’t see why we couldn’t reintroduce tipping for comments. Feel like it incentivizes information and high quality comments.

The problem I see is that the natural terrain of the coliseum doesn't really have space for this.

So they'd have to either set up some kind of platform, or use this one:

They do have plans to cover the entire arena part, so it can be walked on, video here:

but Musk said that "Everything in camera frame will be ancient Rome, so nothing modern at all". So unless he was approximating it can't really be the coliseum since the platform is modern.

predicted YES



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