Have you watched Bet on Love?
Not yet
No, and I don't plan to

Bet on Love is Manifold's surreal prediction market dating show musical.

Grimes says it's the "future of theater x reality TV". @ScottAlexander says it's "some kind of extremely well-done genre-bending reality show slash off-Broadway musical".

You can watch the full recording here:

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It's hilarious

Going on the record here as saying I want to stay as far away from Aella's self-described "slutcloud subculture" as I can. Entertainment/stage shows included.

Does being one of the contestants count as watching?

It looks like this would be hard to watch without constantly cringing

i did watch. how do i change my vote?

It was so cringe I had to step out from this app for a bit after. Betting on live things is fun though

How much do I have to watch to say "yes" a minute? Clearly a single frame is to little because we've all now seen the title card by opening this page

I actually watched it twice, once by myself, and once with friends who aren't even in the rat/tpot/EA/poly crowd (though admittedly both times I/we skipped through bits when the cringe started to get too strong haha)

I tried. I was watching live but had to turn it off. This is not for me.

I did, but I probably would not watch it a second time.

Wow this is fantastic!


I found the awkwardness unbearable.

Partial viewing count?

For some reason, I find it funny that even a Manifold mod couldn't get through the whole video

@Athena Ha I do plan on it, I just haven’t had the chance to watch the full thing yet (it’s long!)

I was going to say "No (and I don't plan to)" but holy crap it's a musical? I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm genuinely planning on watching it SPECIFICALLY because that I know it's a musical

@PaintspotInfez the band was the best part (imo)

@PaintspotInfez Vote on my Tony awards market. If there is interest I will make more.


@PaintspotInfez Bashu (one of the music writers) commented that he "just realized how many layers of cringe he did, musical theater cringe, nerdy libertarian rationalist cringe, weird polyamorous open sexual mores cringe, and improv comedy cringe" but I happen to fit into ALL FOUR of these categories.

Don't forget all of the beautiful YouTube comments!