EUR/CHF >= 1, will the euro be equal to or higher than the Swiss franc by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Using or the first exchange plateforme suggested on search, if is unavailable, by the end of 31-12-2023.

In words, we ask if, by the end of the year, you must pay one or more Swiss francs to get 1 euro.

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@RomainClaret Should this resolve now? How were you intending the word "by" to be interpreted?

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Shouldn't this be YES since Jan 14?

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EUR / CHF = 1 EUR / 1 CHF = 1 EUR / 1.0758433 EUR = 0.92950339515 < 1 or not >= 1

This would be according to the question and the bets correct.

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@Lion the point is that the question says "by" which normally means "at or before", not just "at". And on Jan 13-14 it was above 1.

@EvanDaniel Okay, the wiki says: "By: Usually interpreted as synonymous with "before". Sometimes people use it when they mean "at the end of this period"; this usage is best avoided." (

The creator had been online since creating this question (about 7 month ago), so in my eyes he'd resolved this question back then.

I don't have any position in this question, so I don't really care. An unbiased mod should take a look at this and maybe N/A this one!?! Maybe ask @MarcusAbramovitch for his interpretation, because he holds most shares.

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@Lion Yeah, it's definitely been used both ways in the past; I'd really like to encourage people not to do that, and I think it's the more natural interpretation, but not a universal one especially on older questions.