Can we "Manufacture Manyfold Manifolders in the Martitime Metropolis" | Will Seattle Community Building get funding?
resolved Dec 9

I've created this Manifold Community Fund Application. I'm asking for $400 to get a regular meetup going in Seattle, for Manifold. I'll offer food/drinks for free :)

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This questions resolves Yes if the linked project receives the minimum funding required prior to (and including on) December 17, and resolves No if it has not.

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Resolving this market to yes as we got funding!

Also, announcing the best (rationality/prediction market focused) meetup in the lesser seattle eastside!

Join me and at least a couple other people on December 20th! DM me for the location. I'll have food/drinks.

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Yo if this actually ends up happening I'd probably want to come, DM me

@Shelvacu first meetup will be in the next week or two unless something unexpected happens :)

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I am hopeful it works out, and even pledged money to help, but getting anything started in Seattle is hard and I’m a capitalist :-)

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@BrandonWerner @RobertCousineau needs a new market on if the meetup will successfully hit critical mass

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As an enthusiastic supporter, I'm going on hopes and vibes for this bet.

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Assuming the description is wrong and should say December 17th?

@Joroth Correct!

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