Will my Twitter (@rigormyrole) gain at least 50% as many followers as people voting on this poll?
closes Oct 14


START: 7 followers (August 30th)

Resolves in 45 days.

Example: if there are 10 different accounts (including bots) voting on this poll, then I'd need to reach 12+ Twitter followers (7 + 10/2) in order for this to resolve YES. This rounds down, so w/ 9 voting accounts, would need to reach 11 followers (7+4.5, rounded down).

Different factors to consider:

  • Are people more inclined to vote No or Yes? How does this change as the Payout Odds change?

  • Yes voters have incentive to follow me on Twitter.

  • Some manifolders wont have Twitter, eg. bot accounts

  • I may gain some followers from outside of manifold, for example through posting/commenting on Twitter.

Get Ṁ500 play money

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Kamil Staszewskibought Ṁ20 of YES

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