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closes Dec 31
Will Destiny still be playing Factorio by the end of 2022

Yes: If Destiny is still actively playing factorio and has not switched to another Game

No: If Destiny is no longer actively playing factorio and has switched to another Game

This does not mean he will never play factorio again, just that he has completed the game and is no longer interested in playing it almost every stream.

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Mehmet Ates
bought Ṁ100 of NO

I feel like Georgia will be enough of a break in everything to cause him to either go deeper into politics, or play something else.

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Micah Nazarino
is predicting YES at 74%

@MehmetAtes The man plays Factorio when he's traveling. He won't stop.

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is predicting YES at 69%

that game is like crack, he will play until it'll become LOL 2

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Bets like this need to be more specific. "Will Destiny play Factorio in Jan 2023?"

Current one how do you determine? What is 'actively playing'? Can he play once on Jan 8th and never again so isnt classed as active? Also bet is set to end on Dec 31


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@dL1GH7 Destiny tends to only play one main game at a time, if it is no longer factorio when this poll ends, then it will resolve NO, otherwise it will resolve YES

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@dL1GH7 I agree, it should be any factorio in first 5 streams of January, or something.

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Lance Gunnin
bought Ṁ100 of NO

Absolutely free money

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