How many friends will @RanaG make from attending LessOnline/SC/Manifest?

How many friends will I make at the conference? A friend, in this context, is defined as someone who remembers me by name, has my contact details, and meets with me again within three years. Additionally, this person should correspond with me at least three separate times after the conference ends and within 6 months.

49 here implies 49 or greater.

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@traders current contacts from the 10 days are 41 people

and is likely to meet with me again within three years

And not just at Manifest III, right?

@MichaelWheatley meeting and having a conversation at Manifest III, IV or V is a sufficient condition

@RanaG conditional that it is in or before June 2027

Does twitter, discord, and general social media shenanigans count as "correspond with", or does it have to be private communications via email/DM, etc. In my experience the first is much more likely from conferences than the second.

@JohnBennett any directed messages exchange (not necessarily private) count

bought แน€36 7-8 YES

i am here but rana ran away from me

@Schneefackel are you at the conference?

@RanaG Unfortunately, the benefits of 1) meeting Rana and a few others, and 2) maybe participating in orgy were outweighed by the massive opportunity cost of organizing such an intercontinental journey with no prior experience in doing so. The thought of then having to spend most of my time enduring rationalist/prediction market talk wasn't exactly motivating either. ๐Ÿ˜•

@Schneefackel you find prediction markets boring? What draws you to using this site then?

@Schneefackel Also - the orgy reputation is false. We know this time none happened on Lighthaven grounds.

If any would have happened, I get the sense that it would not be attracting those core that make Manifest great, but more the tangential people (e.g. the naked hot seat that happened).