Who will I date? (2023)

Alright, my jolly gremlins, go and do a better job than you did in 2022.

My profile: https://quinnd.net/date

The rules:

  • I will attempt a dialogue with every nominee provided there's a publicly verifiable signal that they're accepting suitors. (no digging up email addresses without me being able to verify that they want their email address posted!) (Please post such a signal when you nominate your friends, such as a dating doc)

  • If you nominate a friend and they don't have such a signal, they'll have to email/discord me.

  • To resolve, we have to consider eachother "partners" or "boyfriend/girlfriend" in the sense that we'd introduce eachother to friends as "my partner so n so", etc.

  • While market close is on new years eve, if I'm in early stages with someone around december I may wait to resolve for a month or two.

  • I'm open to commenting with updates about how dates (or even sex) are (is) going, but I will not do so without the other person's consent.

  • If a partner fits the criteria before market close, I'll resolve right then and there.

  • I will not bet/trade on this market. Nominees may, though!

  • Resolves N/A if we fail.

  • I reserve the right to append rules if one of you jolly gremlins finds a loophole that I don't like or that I think seems fraught.

Male nominations will get you nowhere, doubtful that you want to nominate an enby who leans masculine, go ahead and nominate trans ladies.

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Conflux avatarAella
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Conflux answered
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Quinn Dougherty

@Conflux this is not a case covered by my rules, because as far as I can tell she has a public dating profile but not an available email address in obvious sight. When I wrote the rules I assumed that anyone with a public dating profile would be easy to contact by email, lol

Conflux avatar

@Quinn you gotta fill out her application survey! I think

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Quinn Dougherty

@Conflux hm yeah @Aella what do you recommend? I don't see the application survey anywhere.

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Quinn Dougherty

@iteal burning money by not reading the fine print. it resolves N/A if "no one" lmao

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@Quinn lmao