Barron Trump is not fully natural [Mod Note: OP includes "steroids, gene therapy, IVF, etc."]

Resolves yes if there is any evidence that Barron Trump is not a fully natural human. Be it steroids, gene therapy, IVF, etc.

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Very Southern Baptist take on IVF.

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He's really tall but like... why is this so high lol

I think we need a more objective and verifiable definition of "fully natural human" here.

Like eg taking blood pressure medication makes someone not « fully natural » :-D

Hmm. I suppose this should be split into multiple markets for different outcomes.

For this market, I'll make it any rare performance enhancing procedure.

IVF is not a "performance enhancing procedure"

IVF feels like the odd one out, then, as it does not enhance performance in any way. Perhaps if it were to be revealed that embryo selection was used it should count.

@the_coproduct I'll concede to that stipulation