Will JustPearlyThings trash talk Destiny in the Whatever Podcast today?
resolved May 23

Podcast starts in 3.5 hours.


Will JustPearlyThings take this opportunity to trash-talk Destiny? It doesn't matter if she brings him up or someone else on the panel does as long as she makes the conscious decision to trash talk him.

The trash-talking must be more than one sentence or a passing thought.

CANCELLED?! JustPearlyThings, Brixan, ØF Girls | Dating Talk #76
CANCELLED?! JustPearlyThings, Brixan, ØF Girls | Dating Talk #76
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Watched most of the show and I didn't catch any instance of Pearl shit-talking Destiny directly and she had plenty of opportunities to since he was brought up multiple times.




✂️ Pearl on ben shapiro vs destiny
✂️ Pearl on ben shapiro vs destiny
54 seconds · Clipped by Punished Furry · Original video “CANCELLED?! JustPearlyThings, Brixan, ØF Girls | Dating Talk #76” by whatever

Resolving this market as a NO by tomorrow unless someone provides me a clip proving otherwise.

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