Will the PauseAI Discord reach 1000 members before 2024?
resolved Jan 1

PauseAI is a group of volunteers, AI (safety) researchers and engineers who are worried about the risks of AI. More details can be found on pauseai.info

The question asks whether PauseAI's Discord reaches the specified number of members at any point in time before 2024-01-01. I will not track this in realtime, if you think this should resolve, but hasn't yet, please leave a comment and I will check the number of members. If you are afraid the number might go down again, you can post a screenshot.

Please do not manipulate the Discord, for example by joining or leaving (or making others join or leave) the Discord for the purpose of gaining Mana. I consider this unethical behavior and will wish you a torn nail, stubbed toe or worse in return! I might delete this market in case it causes trouble.

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