Will Joe Biden get impeached in his first term?
If the House of Representatives of the United States approves articles of impeachment against the President of the United States before the end of Joe Biden's first term in office, this market will be resolved as “Yes”. This market does not consider the possibility of a process of impeachment being conducted after Joe Biden has left office or finished his first presidential term, even if he gets re-elected for a second term.
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No red wave, but they did take the house, so it's pretty plausible that they'll impeach him.

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is predicting NO at 36%

@Gabrielle They took house by too small a margin to vote for impeachment. I can see them starting proceedings just for the spectacle, but very unlikely they pass impeachment.

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Sleepy Joe > Krazy Kamala Gop understands this and that no way wins electorally by impeachment.
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Plus Biden is mentally incompetent to stand trial, and just looks mean to harass the old man for his corrupt family (who are saints by the standards of the rest of the dc establishment)
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Matt P
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Way undervalued IMO. He won't be convicted, but given the current state of and sentiment in the GOP, I certainly wouldn't rule out a silly impeachment by the GOP-dominated House after the red wave in '22.